Garden State Community Bank

Why use an impresonal, far-away bank? Use Garden State Community Bank for savings, loans, and perhaps even a small business loan to start your own business in our plaza!

Garden State Community Bank is an acknowledged and trusted leader in local banking for thousands of New Jersey residents. We are proud to have this branch anchor our property, and we named our shopping center Garden State Community Bank Plaza.

The branches of Garden State Community Bank have roots that extend as far back as the late 1800s, when they were operated by four local savings banks that later merged with and into New York Community Bank in: Penn Federal Savings Bank and Synergy Bank joined our family of banks in 2007, and First Savings Bank of New Jersey and Ironbound Bank joined our family of banks in 2001.

By combining the strengths of these local banks with the strengths of our institution, we have established a Garden State community bank that features more convenience and service, more products, and more locations than any one of these banks provided on their own. The saying “There’s strength in numbers” surely applies to our Garden State Community Bank division, which has 46 branches in seven New Jersey counties at this time.

340 Atlantic City Blvd Ste 13

Bayville NJ 08721

(732) 237-0007